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Thermal Cameras

88% of all individuals exhibit fever as a symptom of Covid-19 as reported by WHO.

Thermal measurement is fast and efficient way of detecting those who show no obvious symptoms but have been infected by the epidemic.

Body temperature cameras take readings of the facial temperature. These CCTV Cameras are accurately fine-tuned to take temperature readings quickly without hindering the pedestrian traffic flow.

When abnormal body temperatures are detected the system generates an alert by an audible alarm and/ or a visual strobe or in the cases where it is integrated with the Access Control system, it can revoke that employee’s access automatically into premises until that employee has obtained medical clearance.

The systems we provide can be mobile units allowing for easy relocation to different areas as required, permanently mounted to monitor thoroughfares or kiosks depending on the application.

Our Thermal camera solutions offer:

  • Fast Deployment into Any Internal Environment.
  • Accurate temperature measurement.
  • Non-contact screening.
  • Multi-person measurement.
  • Facial Recognition Database
  • Privacy Mode ( No information is stored)
  • Accurate to within ±0.3°C.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Systematic and repeatable process
  • Allows uninterrupted pedestrian traffic flows

Our Thermal camera systems are suitable for use in small to large organisations and spaces, including:

  • Aged Care facilities
  • Office buildings and places of business
  • Schools and University Colleges
  • Retail environments and shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Hotels

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